Charlie Banana Wet Bag Polar Bear

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The Charlie Banana wet bag is made from the same waterproof material used to make their nappies. It can fit 3-4 nappies – perfect for a day out.  It zips closed to keep any smells in.

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The Charlie Banana waterproof wet bag is an essential item for any cloth nappying parent on the go. Use it away from home for storing your wet and dry nappies. No spill, no smell, no mess.

It has a convenient wide handle that can be hooked to anything. In addition to nappies, it can be used to store items such as wet swimwear, baby bottles, formula and exercise clothes.

It is small enough to be tossed in any diaper bag or any big hand bag. It can fit 3-4 diapers. It is made from the same waterproof material used to make Charlie Banana nappies. As Charlie Banana nappies can be securely wrapped up with the extra snap, it is no problem to have the used nappies and your clean ones in the same bag.

A small square of fabric is sewn to the  inside lining so you can apply a couple of drops of essential oil if you wish – great for warding off any stinky smells.

Approx 32cm x 32cm.

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32 cm x 32 cm


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